Haroma promote natural handmade fragrance products. Every handmade products bring out the feeling and warmth to every user.

In 2021, we have established HaRoma fragrance brand, with simple and fashionable design concept. We promote natural hand-made home fragrance products. Our brands mainly sells scented candles, scented bath series, personal fragrances, home fragrance sprays and etc. The main feature of our products is a series of hand-made fragrance products by essence. all of our products are hand-made by experienced perfumers. Our hand-made products emphasize on nature, safety, and every piece of work is issued through the warmth from the palm of hand, to bring the most sincere and genuine experience to our customers. Moreover, all the raw materials and fragrances are high-grade materials which are 100% imported from South Korea & the United States and will not bring harm to human’s health.