Privacy Policy

Confidentiality of Personal Data

As an administrator of personal data, Eslite Spectrum Malaysia SDN BHD. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) will make announcements and disclose the following information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (hereinafter referred to as “the PDPA”).

1. Name of personal data administrator

   Eslite Spectrum Malaysia SDN BHD.


Regarding personal data, the Company will follow the applicable regulations and other rules and the Company’s own regulations to ensure everyone working at the Company fully understands the policy and handles personal data in an appropriate way.

3. Appropriate collection

When personal data are collected, the purpose will be conveyed by notice to a specific audience or announced to the public. In addition, personal data will be collected and used only where necessary.

4. Purposes of using personal data

 The purposes of using personal data are as follows.

(1) to provide sale of goods and services related to the shopping mall business model.

(2) to distribute information on new products, new services, special offers, and events related to the shopping mall business model.

(3) inquiries and document requests from members

(4) to build up data needed to provide a basis for analysis of statistics in market surveys, business management, and member spending preferences.

(5) to reflect member feedback on improvement and requests for improvement of products and services related to shopping mall operation.

(6) to take measures including organizing prize draws, notifying prize winners, providing products and prizes, and organizing and managing events.

(7) to communicate about discovery of items, request for maintenance, and other personal inquiries and communication.

(8) to fulfill the Company’s obligations, exercise rights, and make related responses.

(9) member satisfaction surveys. Your feedback will be used to help improve the quality of products and services. Questionnaires will also request cooperation in order to improve product and service quality and distribute mail and messages.

(10) establish records of member requests.

5. Accuracy of personal data

After collecting personal data from you, the Company will make best effort to keep them correct and up to date.

6. Prohibition of distribution to third party

Your personal data shall not be provided or disclosed to any third party, except under the following circumstances.

(1) with your prior consent.

(2) where a person’s life, body or property may be threatened and your consent is difficult to obtain.

(3) where otherwise required by law.

7. Commission of third party

When a third party is commissioned to use personal data, the third party should be reviewed with respect to its security control in practice in order to determine whether the commission is appropriate. A confidentiality agreement should be entered with the third party before such commission in order to monitor the third party as appropriate.

8. Anonymized data

Regarding personal data provided and entered by members (e.g. age, sex, occupation, and address) and spend history, the Company may use these data after anonymizing these data so that they cannot be used to identify members. The methods of use include but are not limited to providing information to members, analyzing, studying and analyzing data, preparing member information related data, providing information to third parties or businesses, conducting market surveys, and developing new services. In addition, the use of anonymized data should not be subject to any restriction.

9. Supply to third parties outside Malaysia

To fulfill the 10 purposes of using personal data above, the Company will provide personal data to its affiliated enterprises in Taiwan (including Eslite Corporation, Eslite Spectrum Corporation, Eslite Logistics Co. Ltd., Eslite Foundation, and Eslite Hospitality Corporation).

10. Shared use

The Company will, where it is necessary for the purpose of collection, provide personal data of members to its affiliated enterprises in Taiwan for shared use in the scope described below with your consent.

(1) personal data for cross marketing, including name, birthdate, sex, contact information (address, telephone number, and email), member feedback and inquiries, spend history and other shared use where necessary.

(2) The scope of cross marketing partners covers The Company’s affiliated enterprises in Taiwan include Eslite Corporation, Eslite Spectrum Corporation, Eslite Logistics Co. Ltd., Eslite Foundation, and Eslite Hospitality Corporation.

(3) Purpose of cross marketing: to provide you with offers from the Company or affiliated enterprises, products, services or events and related latest updates; and to manage membership data effectively or conduct satisfaction and spend analysis and surveys.

(4) Cross marketing administrator: Eslite Corporation.

*Change of cross marketing partners: The Company’s cross marketing partners may change due to merger, acquisition, or addition of partners.

11. Security control measures for personal data

Best effort is made to take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent illegal access, leakage, and destruction or damage of personal data and security control of other personal data.

12. Improvement measures

The Company makes best effort to respond correctly to personal data related changes in society and in the environment. When necessary, the Company will improve the policy and related rules by making change, modification, and supplement.

13. Response to request for disclosure or change

To make a request to limit the processing of, access or correct, your personal data, or to make queries or complaints in respect of your personal data, please inquire by contacting customer service by the method described in Section 16.

14. Handling of customer complaints

Regarding personal data complaints, the Company makes best effort to respond in an appropriate and timely manner.

15. Exercise of rights
You may exercise the following rights with regard to the Company or affiliated enterprise via the slite Spectrum Malaysia website. Unless otherwise provided by law, the Company or affiliated enterprise will not refuse such request and may charge the cost as needed.

(1) inquire or request to view your personal data.

(2) make and provide a copy of your personal data.

(3) correct your personal data.

(4) withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data.

(5) prevent processing of your personal data likely to cause damage or distress decline to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

16. Customer service contact method

eslite Spectrum Malaysia website (URL:

Designation              : Customer Service

Contact No.              : 03-20380368

Email                        :

17. Sources of personal data

We collect your personal data from eslite MY APP.

18. Language 

In accordance with local data protection laws, this document is issued in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. In the event of any inconsistencies or discrepancies between the English version and the Bahasa Malaysia version, the English version shall prevail.

19. Termination/ Deactivation

1. eslite spectrum will soon adopt the Google Workspace, cloud based office software solution launched by Google.

2. This is a function that allowed member to have their right to request to delete and/or remove their information in eslite spectrum database.

3. Before proceeding further with the member's request to remove their information, our customer service will contact the member again.

4. Please note that, all infomation that has consent to eslite spectrum before will be fully remove in eslite spectrum database.  

5. You have the right to request access to and for correction of your personal data that we hold and you may write to us at the address provided below if you wish to:-

 i) Request that we cease processing your personal data. However, please note that this may result in us not being able to properly perform or discharge our obligations to you.

6. The contact to whom the written requests will be made: 

 i) Any such requests must be sent in officially via email. Our technical support team will then contact you soonest. 

Email         :


*Important information
Unless otherwise expressly stated, it is necessary for you to provide the types of personal data described herein, in order for us to process your personal data for any of the purposes stated in this document. If you do not consent to provide personal data or delete or terminate the collection, processing, use or international transmission of your personal data, you understand that the Company or the Company’s affiliated enterprises and partners (e.g. retail counters) may be unable to determine membership eligibility and complete related processes or provide you with a full range of services or must proceed to terminate the membership card. We apologize for the inconvenience.


(Effective on 2022/12/01)